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Executive Chauffering Service

BAO Chauffeurs provides a Chauffeur Executive Service tailor made to meet the travel needs of each client. Business meetings, roadshows, delegates and airports transfers, weddings and special occasions, we are available to take you there. Quality, Safety and Punctuality are our watchword and we aspire to exceed our clients expectations time and time again.

What is the Drive of your Life?

The Need for Chauffeuring Posted on Fri, October 14, 2011 12:51

Do you remember as a young person how you used to dream of your first car? I bet most teenagers wanted a fast, sleek, alloy wheels, two-door car with all the mods and cons included. You probably enjoyed the thrill for a while but as you grew older you got tired of having to get down before your passengers could exit. Then of course, family comes along and you start thinking of a 7-seater car and out goes your dream of luxury driving.

What car sets your pulse racing?

I love big roomy cars where you can stretch your legs and enjoy ample space. We all have our peculiar preferences when it comes to the car we like to drive. What is yours?

Do you like cars that give you extra vava voom, the one that goes from 0mph to 60mph in just a few seconds? Check out some of the most expensive and fastest cars here They sure made my eyes water!!!

Or do you enjoy the simple pleasures of life – a reasonable car at a reasonable speed? A Micra comes to mind – economical and it does get you from A to B.

Whatever your preference, there is a way you can enjoy a ride in your dream car without having to mortgage your home to buy one. Consider hiring your dream car for a day or two and employ an experienced driver for some added luxury. Life is too short not to enjoy a little bit of pleasure.

BAO Chauffeurs We-Drive-Your-Car-Service provides a driver and the luxury car of your choice amongst other services. Get in touch at for an affordable quote and a little bit of luxury.

Limousines – Affordable Luxury

The Need for Chauffeuring Posted on Wed, September 07, 2011 19:14

Limousines – Affordable Luxury

The first “stretch limousine” was created in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1928 by a coach company named Armbruster. These cars were primarily used to transport famous “big band” leaders, such as Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman and their bands and equipment. These early stretch limousines were often called “big band buses”. Wikipedia 2011.

Limousines have always been synonymous with famous people. Every time a limousine pulls up, people expect a well known face to come through the back door. Yes, limousines are still used by many celebrities around the world but it is now within the reach of almost anyone who can afford a little bit of luxury.

A variety of limousines has been designed and manufactured since the first in 1928. These include:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Mercedes S550 Pullman
  • Lincoln Town Car Edition
  • Cadillac
  • Jaguar S Type Vogue
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Chrysler and more

Limousines provide the height of transportation luxury. Some come with an in-built mini bar, sound system, reclining seats and a lot of other extras. You have to be in one to enjoy the luxurious interior of a limousine and contrary to a lot of people’s notion, it is quite within your reach.

Why not enjoy a little bit of luxury for a wedding, prom night, special occasion, dinner date or just pamper yourself. Arrive at your destination in style with a well-presented chauffeur at your beck and call.

BAO Chauffeurs provides a limousine and car hire service for those discerning clients who want the ultimate in chauffeur transportation. Our cars are available for any occasion. Call us on 07779 794 726

Photo courtesy of Damors – wikipedia. Content by Write2Explain

Stress-free Airport Transfers

The Need for Chauffeuring Posted on Mon, August 08, 2011 16:11

Holiday season is still upon us! If you are still packing to take off, consider our blog entry so you can start to enjoy your trip well before you board your flight.

It can be quite unnerving if you find yourself running late to catch a flight. You most likely will be sweating under the collar if you are still on a train platform or bus-stop 90 minutes before your flight departure.

Easier Option

There is an easier way to get to the airport on time! How can you avoid this hullabaloo before you get on board your flight and enjoy some time in the air? The best option is to book your airport transfer in advance with a reliable chauffeur company.

You may ask why? Well do you want to miss your flight?

We all know there is a possibility of engineering works, train delays and weather induced road delays. This is in addition to exorbitant airport car parking costs. Why subject yourself to all that, when a chauffeur can be waiting for you outside your home for a seamless airport transfer in the tranquillity of a climate controlled car.

Cost versus Convenience

The advantages of advance bookings outweigh leaving your transportation to chance. If you are holding on to the promise of family or friend to drop you off, think of what will happen if they cancel at the last minute. Well you certainly can’t be upset, after all you are not paying for the service.

A chauffeur driven car is worth much more than the cost; they drive whilst you and your luggage relax and catch up on other things. Good chauffeur companies always make sure they pick you up with ample time to make your flight. Coupled with some in-car refreshments, newspapers and no stress – you can’t compare this type of transportation with a train, bus transfer or even driving to the airport yourself!

So when next you or your family are travelling abroad, think of convenience and not cost – hire BAO Chauffeurs to transport you to the airport in comfort and stress-free. Call us on 07779 794 726 and start to enjoy your trip right from your doorstep.

Fuel Efficient Cars

The Need for Chauffeuring Posted on Thu, July 07, 2011 12:25

It is an obvious fact that the cost of fuel is increasing at the pump putting a strain on motorists in addition to other car associated costs. If you are thinking of a new car for yourself, one of the criteria you should consider is fuel-efficiency.

Car manufacturers are more aware of the environment and are designing cars that are kinder to the environment with low CO2 emissions and more efficient to run.

So what are some of the fuel efficient cars on our roads today? These are some of BAO Chauffeurs’ choices:

Smart Fortwo cdi

Ok, for some of us this might look weird but it is the most economical car in Britain. This two-seater car might not be the fastest for the speed enthusiasts but you can be sure it will get you from A to B at the cheapest rate with a fuel consumption of 86g/km.

Toyota Auris Hybrid

This British built petrol-electric car can save you a few bucks. More economical than its Prius counterpart, though doesn’t offer as smooth a drive. It is a good buy if you are trying to cut down on your transportation budget. Consumes 89g/km of fuel.

Skoda Fabia Greenline

Cool 5 Seater Fabia can conveniently seat an average family. With a 89g/km consumption rate, it is probably one of the best environment-friendly cars on sale.

Volkwagen Polo Blue Motion

For those who love a well known brand, this Polo is right up your street. This 1.2 TDI diesel engine might guzzle a bit more fuel than your average Smart car but you are guaranteed a good drive. 91g/km can still save you a few pounds at the end of the month.

SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive

This is also another good buy with a 92g/km fuel usage – just a little more than the Polo. This might be a good option if lower price is more important than looks to you.

Lexus CT 200h

Now some of us just love a bit of luxury but in this climate how do we balance the cost of a good car and the running cost. You may find your answer in a Lexus 200h – thanks to Kylie for making it even more desirable. A premium well equipped car that manages to control its fuel consumption at 94g/km – a joy for lovers of luxury.

Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir

Have you spotted some these cars zipping in and out of the city? It’s a good run on the road with a two-cylinder turbocharged TwinAir petrol engine. Still fuel efficient at 95g/km and also gives you an equally comfortable drive due to its cutting edge design.

There are a few other cars out there that can offer you a good return on your investment without breaking the bank. Fuel efficiency is worth considering if you want a car that won’t cost the earth to run – money and environment-wise. Before you buy, carry out adequate research and do not go by looks alone…remember looks can be deceptive.

Our We-Drive-Your-Car Service offers you the time to relax whilst we drive you in the comfort of your own car. Get in touch for a quote and get to know your car whilst you relax in the back seat. Call us on 07779 794 726 or visit us at for more information about our range of services.

Tips on Choosing a Chauffeur Service

The Need for Chauffeuring Posted on Wed, June 08, 2011 12:16

There are hundreds of companies that provide various chauffeur service in the UK. Many people are unaware of what to look out for or questions to ask when hiring a chauffeur. Below lists the most important criteria for hiring a chauffeur service such as quality of the vehicle, value for money and local knowledge.

1) Local Knowledge

Be sure that the chauffeur company has chauffeurs with extensive local knowledge of your destination. So best to let them have the information before hand and confirm that they know how to get you there. Some cities can be quite difficult to navigate and getting lost can cost you a lot of time and money – especially if you are attending an important meeting or event.

2) Quality of Vehicle

Some chauffeur companies have a fleet of vehicles at their disposal for their clients, whilst some can hire any vehicle on your behalf. Let the company know your preference before hand and the number of passengers that will need the service. Find out about the range of vehicles they have available and if necessary the state of the vehicles – you can use the registration plate as a guide. It can be rather disappointing if you hire a chauffeur and they come to your doorstep in a 6 year old jalopy, so make sure the vehicle fits the occasion!

3) Type of Service

If the chauffeur company specialises in executive chauffeuring do not expect them to be able to provide wedding services. Some companies are able to delivery on a range of services including wedding cars, corporate travel, road shows and more. Some specialise in certain areas only and may not be able to meet your needs. Be sure to ask if they can understand your request as each service needs a chauffeur who is familiar of what the service entails.

4) Great Customer Service

Always make sure you use a company that values its customers, this is important for when things do not go according to plan. You can tell from the response to your initial contact if they value your custom. Ask questions and be clear about what the chauffeur can or cannot do. If they have a website familiarise yourself with what is on offer before you call.

5) Value for Money

The cost of hiring a chauffeur varies a great deal, some charge hourly and some charge per job. If you need a chauffeur for a few hours, it is better to agree an hourly rate rather than a flat rate. You may not be able to calculate the number of hours you intend to spend at the event, so be careful what you agree to.

BAO Chauffeur Service provides chauffeur service for business executives, road shows, weddings, delegate transfers and more. Our ‘we-drive-your-car service’ is very popular amongst clients who love the familiarity of their own car. Our motto is “you relax, we drive” and to date many clients have been relaxing with us. Email us at for more information.

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Tour the City with a Chauffeur

The Need for Chauffeuring Posted on Mon, May 02, 2011 18:38

Tourism in Style

London is a famous city, well known all over the world. It is a great sight to behold by day or night. Many people live in the UK but do not enjoy the benefits many tourists derive from visiting the city.

If you want to treat yourself to something different why don’t you hire a chauffeur driven car to take you round the city? Seeing the sights by train, taxi or buses is just not the same.

Visit Numerous Places in One Day

A chauffeur driven car gives you ultimate comfort with easy access to the best London has to offer. Ideal if you want to get to Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens and Knightsbridge in one day and enjoy a little bit of shopping in between. Don’t think about hopping on and off trains, make a day of your adventure in a chauffeur driven car.

Luxury chauffeur driven cars are not restricted to business executives or airport transfers alone. They are also available for days or nights out when you don’t want to navigate traffic or public transport. Most Chauffeurs have a vast knowledge of the city; they know the back routes, short cuts, best views and even some very interesting and unusual places you would love to visit.

You also get to enjoy your refreshments or a snooze in the comfort of a climate controlled car during your tour. Most chauffeur companies offer luxury cars such Mercedes and limousines, a big difference from a train journey.

Chauffeur Companies and Tourism

Before you hire a chauffeur for this kind of experience, make sure you confirm that the company provides this specific service. Some companies charge per hour whilst some charge a flat fee for the day.

Whether you are visiting the UK, or thinking of a family or friends day out, consider seeing the best of London in the comfort of a chauffeur driven car. You will be amazed at how much pleasure you can derive from a chauffeur driven tourist experience.

At BAO Chauffeurs, clients’ satisfaction is paramount to our success. If you need get from A to B but stop at C en-route, our flexible rates will accommodate your needs. Airport Transfers, Executive Chauffeurs or we can even drive your car to your chosen destination. Visit our website for a quote.

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Delegate Transportation

The Need for Chauffeuring Posted on Thu, March 31, 2011 14:40

Conference Organisers Checklist

When you organize a conference some of the most important things on your list will probably be the speaker, the venue and the guest list.

One thing a lot of organisers fail to remember is TRANSPORTATION for the delegates. Well no conference is worth organizing if the delegates do not show up…so delegate transportation should be on the organiser’s priority list.

This is important especially if some of the delegates are from another country, we all know how difficult it can be to navigate round a strange city.

Why Delegate Transportation?

It is important to plan how your delegates will get to the venue you choose as your conference location. Some organisers do take into consideration local transport links and easy access by car as a pre-requisite for choosing a venue. But not all attendees might want to take this option, in which case delegate transportation by a reputable chauffeur company might be the better choice.

Chauffeur companies who specialize in delegate transfer should be familiar with the needs of such important clients. The need to be punctual, road knowledge and the provision of comfortable and clean cars cannot be over-emphasized. So when choosing your transportation needs, remember to ensure your service provider is familiar with this type of service.

Most of these conferences especially the international ones are normally well attended and no one likes to make a grand entrance – late. So organisers, make sure you brief your chosen chauffeur company on what is required before you recommend their services to your delegates.

Part of the Package

Delegate transportation should be part of the options you provide for the delegates alongside hotel accommodation and information on local amenities. Better still you can build the cost into the price – if it is a paying conference or the budget if the organising company can afford it.

When next you plan a conference remember to arrange transportation for your delegates, they will be glad someone thought of the option.

We are BAO Chauffeurs

BAO Chauffeurs provides Delegate Transportation service from hotels, offices, homes and airports to conference venues within the UK. Whether there are 2 or 20 people we have the vehicle to do the job and the drivers with excellent customer service to put every client at ease. For more information about our services or to get a quote contact us via our website at .

Executive Chauffeur Service and Your Business

The Need for Chauffeuring Posted on Wed, March 02, 2011 14:54

There are many companies/business executives in the UK that already benefit from Executive Chauffeur Services on a daily basis. They understand the importance of maximising travel times by using it to catch up on other essential matters or work. Rather than sit on a train, taxi or bus distracted by the hustle and bustle around them, they prefer to be at the back of an air-conditioned comfortable car engaging their minds and reducing their workload.

Is It Right For Your Business?

Most of the companies that engage the services of a chauffeur company never go back to public transport as they realise the benefits outweigh the costs of the services.

A chauffeur driven car gives you more time to be productive whether it’s reading your notes, preparing for a meeting or even holding a conference call. All this is practically impossible if you are sitting on a train, a bus or a taxi.

You can engage the services of a reputable executive chauffeur company on an ad-hoc basis or you can engage them for an extended period. Most of them offer flexible packages to suit your budget and schedule. Whether you travel for business once a month or every week, it is worth considering an Executive Chauffeur Service to compliment your business efficiency.

Some Benefits of Executive Chauffeur Service

  • Gives your business a professional image
  • Allows you to spend time doing the things that matter
  • No need to navigate traffic or bother about travel updates
  • Door to door service to minimises travel time

So when next you need to travel for business or attend a meeting, consider a better way to spend your travelling time and hire a chauffeur.

At BAO Chauffeurs, this is part of what we do – providing comfortable and safe transportation to get you to your destination on time every time. Our motto is You Relax…We drive! Visit us at for more information.

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